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Reading Dani Johnson's book First Steps to Wealth right now. About half way through and it's highlighted, jotted with notes, circles, exclamation points and underlines!

On my personal journey of growth, I have decided to let myself be slapped in the face by some of the statements she makes. Not in a bad way. It's actually a Cher-esque "Snap out of it" style slap.

I am STOPPING making excuses Right now. I proclaim this virtually, on paper and out loud.

Wanna hear some great INSPIRING and thought provoking things she says?

"Taking responsibility puts you in control-and it ultimately takes your life to the next level"

"Nothing becomes dynamic until you become specific" ( have concrete goals)

"You are in complete control"

"You always have a choice"

"You can design your life"
( these are nothing that we don't hear from other entrepreneurs but the more we hear them, the more we say them, the more we hang them all over our house, the more we "get it")

"Find people who have what you have and do what they do"

" I have found that people spend more time creating excuses than they do creating results"

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So , today, I am sending my excuses packing and making only empowering choices to live a lifestyle of my choice...wealthy, healthy, and happier than ever! Wealth does not mean gold , expensive cars, huge houses and Italian marble to me- wealth means more of freedom and the ability to make a difference in the world by being able to give.

By the way, the book is FREE through her just pay shipping I believe. There are so other of her programs in the sidebar here that I will be getting to shortly and were highly recommended to me.

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  1. I think a lot of times we use excuses ourselves and also excuse others, great post!