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Don't miss out on easy freebies, discounts and earnings opportunities!

If you're a Mom who appreciates some freebies, or rewards for spending a little time answering questions or filling forms, there are tons of ways to earn online, in your spare time. Or to cash in on companies that offer reward programs. Take Stonyfield for example. If you buy their yogurt, why wouldn't you spend time typing in the reward code online? I just cashed in for a free box of nature's path cereal, which we LOVE btw( the pumpkin flax granola is awesome and it's all organic-can't beat it!) And that's not the first time I've cashed in.
Anytime you buy a product, check to see if they have a reward program or a facebook page ( many do).

Liking a company's Facebook page is important to do. The pages often offer specials to keep you coming back for more. I've won Derme E face cream, Mychelle skin care, vitamins and even an overnight hotel stay. Facebook is more than hanging with friends. Make a list of your favorite pages, keep them in your feed and enter their contests or reply to their updates.

Many stores offer reward programs.They want you to keep coming back and they will reward you for that. Stop n Shop offers the gas reward program where you can save between 10-50 cents a gallon at participating Shell stations.
Don't forget that many stores offer discounts you can print out or even show on a smart phone. CVS sends 25% off to your card when you click the offer. Bob's clothing store sends me about 3 $10 free coupons a year.The local Ace hardware sent me a free $5 coupon and a $5 off $15 when I signed up for their rewards card. Keep on the look out every store you go to. You don't even have to carry all those cards. I know I'd need a bigger wallet! Many stores just let you punch in your phone number associated with the account.Don't let free money pass you by.

Jingit offers online video viewing ( under a minute most times) then you answer a few questions and earn cash. You can also do check ins at Walmart, by scanning certain products and earn cash to a debit card. I got 3 gallons of gas last week, for my little time, and I'll take it.With all the running around us Moms do, it all helps.

I just got a free year long magazine subscription to OPRAH ( great mag!!) for clicking on a few videos and answering a few questions on RECYCLEBANK. It also teaches us ways to go green and reminds us to take daily action in our homes. the kids can help you with this one too and they'll learn a lot.

Have a lot of items around the house that you'd like to get rid of without paying listing fees, having strangers come to your home or having a yard sale? You can join LISTIA for free , list items you want to get rid of and people bid on them with points. There's NO cash exchanged( but you pay for shipping out your items)and you earn points to bid on other items you'd like.Most ship free so you won't even have to pay shipping when winning a bid.

Online survey sites like Survey Savvy, Opinion Outpost, Epoll, Mommytalk surveys and Paidviewpoint are good ways to earn some extra cash without leaving home and some even have referral programs so you can earn a little extra by simply sharing your link. Think how many facebook friends you have, or blog readers, who may want some extra cash.

Like more free stuff? Who doesn't? Check out the many freebies sites a simple google search can yield, like,, and There are TONS more too!

Need to earn some cash in your spre time? Can you write? There are many sites that pay for writing articles. See the list a few blog spots below to get you started checking into them.

I've found that very few people will actually tell you how much they are struggling. But taking advantage of freebies can be very helpful for them! And in this economy , it's really helpful for everyone.

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