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10 things to look for when joining an MLM/direct sales company

One day, maybe today, you are going to decide that working for someone else and making THEM rich is just not cutting it for YOU your bills stack up or you dream of vacations you don't get to take.
I've been there. I know.
And I have enough successful friends in many different MLM's to see the different plans and all they offer and some of the differences.

Let me start by saying that starting your OWN HOME BUSINESS by joining a home biz is a superb decision.
They don't discriminate and you don't have to fill applications and wait. You can do it today.
No college? No problem. No experience? Perfect! You get free training, daily support and you choose the vacation days. How great is that? But the MAJOR KEY FACTOR, the BIG SELLING POINT, is the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. ALL CAPS- yes, sorry! It's THAT exciting :-)

Its' the type of business where generally you work hard for a few years and then the residual kicks in and you work "light" and make the same of not MORE income. No other company offers that does it?

While there are many points to look at when deciding which company to join, here's my top 10 things to look for when joining an MLM/direct sales company:

1) A company with a product you use and believe in. If you don't have 100% belief,  more than likely that will be conveyed. If you enjoy it, you will be naturally passionate about it.

2) A company focused on customers not just recruiting and team building. Customers are the bread and butter of your business. If they love it , they even may, in turn, become a promoter. But focus on sharing the product first and growing a large customer base.

3) A reputable company- listed with the DSA or BBB and with live support by phone for customers and promoters.

4) A company with a product that is consumable (  think repeat sales), that is affordable and is wanted to many people not a small minority of folks.

5) A company with a reasonable start up investment. Some people would say under $500. Others say under $125 or so. But either way, it should get you products, samples, brochures and training materials.

6) A company with an autoship around $100 or less or a personal requirement of the same. And the ability to earn on your team without that amount going to crazy volumes. Keep in mind that if you don't do parties, it's hard to reach $500 or more in sales volume each and every month to earn on a team unless you have a ton of regular customers.

7)  A company wth the ability to use the internet to market your business without too many restrictions. This IS the new way to build a business in conjunction with local methods.

8) A company that does not restrict you from joining another MLM. Sorry, I know quite a few have this in their "independent promoter" contract or agreement but if we ARE indeed independent, how can they tell us what we can do?

9)  A company with at least 25% in earnings on your sales plus incentives like cash bonuses and trips.

10) Last, a company of integrity and popularity. A simple online search should yield many positive results from current promoters and customers and a consistent presence in the market that equals to annual growth.

Happy searching!

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  1. Hi Deb!

    Good article. It all STARTS with #1. Without passion it is doomed before it begins. :)