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Follow up is critical

Short story here but so so important in the direct sales business.

So listen...if you are in a direct sales biz, don't forget to FOLLOW UP FOLLOW UP FOLLOW UP!

It's critical to success.

Personal story;  I contacted a few reps for info and samples recently. One sent samples and NEVER followed up. EVER.

Another gal I wrote a "thank you but not interested at this time" e-mail and I never heard back.( she could have written"thank you for letting me know. May I contact you in the future to see if you would be interested then?"

and a 3rd followed up a few times until I said I'm not sure at this time and then she disappeared ( what happens if I decided next week or next month that I AM interested?)

 hhhmmm...makes you think huh?

Make your contact list and keep people on it. Connect on facebook if you aren't already. Remind potential customers or reps of new company happenings and sales. 

They say that people don't make up their mind right away and they often need 10+ exposures before the buy ( or join).

Stay friendly, stay connected ( find what you have in common and bond over it), send an e-mail here and there, send a postcard or greeting card and always follow up more than once!  The fortune is in the follow up 


  1. Follow-up is key...but and there is a have to walk a fine line and NOT pester people either. When you reconnect (follow-up) it shouldn't be weekly. If you pester and follow-up too much, it will turn people off.