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Multiple streams of income?

Even just saying it-"multiple streams of income"- sounds good doesn't it? I know I like it.

In these times, though, it's not just about sounding good, it's sort of a must isn't it? A definite reality. And it's really like insurance too. Those of us in network marketing have seen companies shut their doors overnight and leave reps without a check or a phone number to call. Poof! Gone! I can only imagine what that would feel like. UGH

Some people choose to work to Mlm's and as long as there is nothing in your agreement against it, I say why not? I know people that will argue that point, by hey, to each their own, right? That seems to be my new saying :-)

Other people choose to work one MLM/direct sales company but branch off and earn other lines of income in similar areas, like selling affiliate programs that are network marketing training, offering pay services, writing e-books and making money from personal blogs based on a passion or hobby they have, just to name a few. I think travel blogs are GREAT and so informative  too, and I'm looking into starting a Long Island one for Moms. You can look into it here. Not pricey at all.

A blog post coming soon will go over what to look for when joining a direct sales/MLM company but one thing I always like to see is that we are "independent contractors" and free to participate in other MLM companies. I mean, we ARE independent reps right? So how can they say otherwise?

I have been a member of for 5 years now and have seen many Moms grow nice businesses only to have the company shut down totally and always unexpectedly. With start ups, it's even more risky.  And it's plain SCARY to lose an income. I've never experienced that in my business but I have experienced loss of income when my husband passed away. When you have kids, it's pretty frightening.

So what are you waiting for? Don't put all your eggs in one basket....see what ways you can branch out and even make a hobby into another source of income. How about writing paid articles? Working affiliate programs? Selling on ebay or amazon? Building a site and working affiliate programs?  Those are just a few ideas...

I hope you can find ways to earn many pay checks this month. And to keep them growing month after month after month.

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