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Team Building in direct sales/mlm

You're new to a home biz in direct sales and want to start a team or maybe have one but feel like it's not growing fast enough?

Who can you get to join your team?

It happens to many people in direct sales as they start to grow their businesses and their teams. They get "stuck" and say " I ran out of people to ask" or " I don't know HOW to find people to join my team".

Well, since there are quite a few BILLION people on this earth and most likely you have hundreds already on your Facebook friend list as well as know hundreds others in your daily routine, why not start there?

So, who may be looking for a home business and may be looking to work from home? (Don't pre-judge ANYONE!) 

People who need extra money ( which is quite a few right?)

People you have worked with in the past

People who crave freedom in their schedules

People who are laid off or unemployed

People who are retired and need some extra cash

New Moms who want to be home

High energy positive people

The teller at the bank

The receptionist at the dentist office

The bus driver

The teacher who is off all summer

The nurse

The Mom friends at the bus stop

The pizza delivery person

People at your husband's office

Real estate agents

Small business owners

The waitress or waiter

Your hairdresser or nail girl or salon owner

Anyone who is unhappy with their income

Anyone who has big dreams- to travel more, move to a larger home, pay off bills.

Who else can you think of?

Let them know about your business. 
Let them know about the potential it can offer them if they join. 
Learn more about the keywords you need to use when talking to potential recruits. There are 4 main ones: FUN, MONEY, FACTS, HELP

Those who like a FUN business will pick up on statements like how much FUN it is to be part of the company.

Include income statements , like "my upline is a  multiple 6 figure earner in less than a year" to appeal to those seeking MONEY.

The people who like the FACTS need to hear growth figures and key stats about your company.

Those who are natural HELPERS love how you and your leaders are HELPING people and how they can HELP others by being a part of your business too.

Got it? And you can do that all in a few simple sentences combining those things. " EXAMPLE:  My friend and sponser MARY  is such  an awesome and inspiring  leader, earning over 20,000 a MONTH helping people ( lose weight, make money, have successful parties, whatever it is) and she is having  so much FUN  doing it. The company itself grew by 3000% last year and is currently having over 200 people A DAY join!"

Good Luck! 

Tell me, what has worked best for you in growing your team?
What do you struggle with?

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