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Use your tax return wisely and invest in TIME FREEDOM

So here it is, tax time again.

A time of dread for those of you who owe money.

But a time of anticipation for those of you getting a check back.

And already I am hearing commercials of places that want your heard earned tax money.

The bedding place says GET A BED, it's where you spend 1/3 of your life.

The auto place says, use your money to finally FIX your CAR.

The furniture store says there's NEVER been a better time to buy a new couch( really?)

And probably dozens more.

But I , and everyone in home business, have a better idea for you.

Remember when you went to that jewelry party or skin care party and saw how many orders the consultant took and you thought, wow, she's making some goood money tonight!

Or when you see a facebook friend in a direct sales business announcing that she's going on the company incentive cruise?

Or when you hear your work at home friend never misses class events because she has flexible time freedom?

Does a part of you long for that freedom?

Then join a home business. it's as simple as that and can be a HUGE change in your income and future.

Take some of your tax return and INVEST IN YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR FUTURE!

Because , really, the future starts right now, doesn't it?

and the kids aren't getting any younger( not to mention US)

So for a few HUNDRED dollars only- we're not talking franchise fees of thousands!), you can join a direct sales/network marketing company of YOUR choice.

You get supplies, you get free training and you get the ability to work from home, in your town and ONLINE.

Do you spend 1-3 hours a day online or on facebook?

Then you certainly can market your business online in that time!

And the bonuses and perks of working at home range from tax write -offs, freedom of your time, flexibility, discounted products ( find a line you love and would buy anyway ), free vacations if you earn them, bonus checks, residual checks( this is a very exciting part- where you earn on the work of others!) and so much more.

Like the tremendously fast growing ORGANIC trend? Then take a peek here at a business you can run with no website or monthly fees and products women( and men) really want!

Need more ideas?
Hop over to , go to the DSA site ( Direct selling), look at, or try message boards on mom sites like cafemom. All will have info you seek.

See my post on how to pick a company and what you should look for here 

So...what are YOU going to do with your tax refund? Will you start a home business?
 Social selling is all the rage...don't let it pass you by!


  1. I won't get a tax return this year. I made too much money and will need to pay. That's okay though. :) Not complaining.

  2. Self-employed here so no tax refund for me, but I have definitely used savings in the past to invest in my business. :)