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Letting go of what holds you back

If you are not a complete believer in your products and your company, you're gonna have BIG problems growing it. It's true. I know firsthand.

So letting go of doubts and fears is where you need to focus on before you even try to grow a business.

I had a gal say to me recently that she didn't want to join a certain company because she thought their prices were too high and no one she knows can afford them. Well, the latter is an assumption, of course, since we can't speak for other people. but the DOUBT in her mind over prices was a hurdle that in the past I would have spent a lot of time trying to convince her is false.
I just can't waste that time anymore.
You see, unless SHE is fully in belief that the products are well worth the price, then that conviction will be sensed by her potential customers , just as a dog senses fear.

So she will struggle and she will quit. And I would have wasted a lot of my time. I prefer to spend time now helping people get started in home business and get the resources they need, not try to convince them or change personal beliefs. We also can't go into "management mode" with our team. It's a big waste of time. Spending that time growing our personal business by gaining new customers, making new connections and gaining new reps is more important than micro-managing a team of capable adults, don't you think?

If you have doubts about yourself, maybe a doubt that you CAN make money or you CAN be a leader in your company, for sure those doubts will hold you back.
 I used to think that I KNOW that I am as good as any leader out's just that we all have personal styles and abilities we bring to the plate.

Letting go of doubt and fear is the single most important thing you can do NOW.

Get some books, audio's, go to trainings, work with someone, whatever it takes.
But kick that fear in the butt and replace it with deep down BELIEF.

You can do it!


  1. Hi Debra!
    I found you on FB, I think you liked my page also (scatter bird mom). I have been selling and recruiting with Avon for the past 6 years. Infact I own a retail Avon store. And you really hit it dead on with this post. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading you other posts. I just started blogging myself and I am super excited to share life :) Happy blogging.
    Kristen P.

  2. Thanks for writing! Blogging is fun- enjoy!