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Social Media Power!

The Information Age-don't you just love it? Our technology now allows global communication, instant access to information and a digital revolution which we now are so accustomed to we couldn't imagine anything without technology.
The internet provides you with an amazing platform to start and run a business right from home.It's Social Media Power Hour ~ 24/7 

Here's some getting started steps to growing a successful ONLINE business.

- buy a domain name if you want to use it for a blog address or can use redirects with business address.

- Build a personal site or blog or at the very least, have an "about me" page on your company website, if allowed, to add the personal touch.

- Grow your list/ Autoresponder set up.This is  important for contact and creating your list. It creates a professional look, keeps the information coming to your prospects and lets you send out broadcasts too.  I like aweber 

+++Create a facebook page for both personal and business. 

 - Make sure you have a Pinterest page.  The visual brilliance of Pinterest is growing businesses overnight! Learn more why you need a Pinterest page 

-Add content and update blog  2 times a week. Google, and search engines,  like to see active blogs and they will rank higher . You also will get more followers and people who come back to see what's new.

Promote your blog and articles on free sites such as SheToldMe and of course Twitter and facebook too.

-Comment on other blogs to drive traffic back to yours

-Join forums, networking groups and active online Mom  and work at home Mom social groups

-Post consistently, always be positive, offer value, teach what you know.

-Be focused and create connections of trust and mutual respect

-Be someone people enjoy listening to-no complaining or negativity. Really, Do YOU like to read whining posts?

- and finally, rinse and repeat!

Follow the steps daily, or at least 5 days a week.
There is POWER in social media and online business

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