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Simple Ways to Promote Your Direct Sales Business OFFLINE

Though online marketing is a great way to expand, marketing in your own home town  is a way to earn daily cash from on the spot sales, book parties, meet people at vendor events and to make new contacts and expand your team . It also establishes you as a leader and Successful Mom in your own community.

Not sure where to start? Making yourself a product of your product  is the first point. No one can speak with passion about a product line if they don't use it or believe in it. Fill your house with your products, wear them, share them, use them, eat them, whatever it is.  Sharing your business online and offline is always the best way to grow it.

Facebook is one of the best ways for marketing online. Most of my team and sales are from Facebook. Love it or hate it, it's a powerful way to market a business. But that's a whole 'nother blog.

For now, let's talk about marketing offline and locally, which, let's face it, we all need to do in person work a bit more and not just wait for those online sales.
So what else can you do?

Bumber stickers work. If you don't believe that, tell me what you look at when you're at the next red light.
Even better than bumper stickers, car magnets draw attention even when they are parked.
I know reps who even leave brochures in a "take one" acrylic holder on the back of their car when parked at a mall or  zoo or busy area.
Business cards go without saying. Having a picture of yourself makes it personal ,then add basic contact details .
Sizzle cards can be a flashy option too. A  generic statement or question that people can relate too ( "Too broke to pay your bills?")  can make people think "what if" and definitely make them head over to your website to take a look.

 More HOT ways to promote in your town:

* Tape a business card to a lollipop. Write "Ask me about a sweet way to earn money" and give out when you meet people.

 *When staying at hotels & motels leave a brochure, business card with your tip for the maid and servers

  *Offer store owners a free gift or a personal discount for helping you spread the word about your business by leaving brochures, business cards or actual product on their counters

*Churches often hold a Spring, Fall or Holiday Fairs. Contact them about getting a table or a booth.

*Do a contest/ drawing at these types of events. Make up entry blanks that gather the customers info so that you can initiate contact with them again.Have a box they can check if they are interested in making money at home.

* Invite other local Moms to meet at the park  or a local Panera bread type restaurant for an informal business opportunity meeting. Give them a free gift for coming or  something more if they bring a friend.

 * Join your local area chamber of commerce. They  hold local business events that you can participate in.Better yet, you are networking with other professionals who know the value of working for themselves and may take a look at your opportunity.

 *College Campuses. Dorms - Don't rule out money hungry starving young entrepreneurs.

 *Contact your local area Welcome Wagon or Welcome to the Neighborhood Group! Ask them about you leaving brochures, fliers, business cards, discount coupons, samples, etc with them.
They are always looking for additional items to place in their Welcome Bags.

*Waiting rooms are perfect spots to leave brochures and business cards. And not just doctors and dentists. Don't forget car dealerships, tanning salons , nail and hair salons, automotive shops, etc.

 *Local Area Job Fairs. Get a booth and set up info about  your business opportunity. These can be very expensive and you may want to split the booth and the prospects with a few other fellow reps.

*Target your local area gyms. You can get a table space for $20 or so in most cases.You can sell products or just set up an informal business opportunity , handing out samples and business info.

 *Network with others in your community who are in home business. Find out what events and activities that they participate in. Nowadays "vendor parties" are getting more popular where the host will have 3 or 4 different reps of different companies come to her home on a given day/night. This brings in more guest and saves you from having to do the big "stand up and make a presentation".

*Advertise in Small Home Town Newspapers.

*Advertise around your home.  Let mailbox signs and  lawn signs do the work for you.

*Contact local area pizza shops, diners, deli's and coffee bagel shops to ask them about advertising on their paper placemats. Customers do read those ads.

 *Hold a community or Block Party at your home, neighborhood or local community center. Families are always looking for something to do during the nice weather seasons. Invite other vendors, local musicians, crafters, etc..Get out there in your community and get your business seen.Be a sponser

*Get your business information printed up on pencils and hand them out or leave them places.

 *Get your business info printed up on balloons. This is very economical to do and what kid doesn't love a balloon no matter what it says? Distribute them to local community centers, sporting events, street fairs, town days, etc.Your business name & website address is all you need on them.

*Get some T-shirts printed up with your business information on it and hand them out to some friends, family and co-workers .Ask them to wear them out and about in the community. This is their FREE gift for helping you to spread the word about your business.  

*Wear a business name tag every time you go out into your community! Get a Catchy Slogan printed on it such as:
Ask me about (your company name)or I work from home, you can too! How many years did this work for HerbaLife, Avon and others?

*Put an AD in the back of local high school yearbook or a dance recital book.

*Like having home parties? Buy Smarties Candies. Attach a business card to them . On the back of the card, write "Be a Smartie, have a party and earn free products".   Hand them out every where you go.

*Go to the library and see if they have a bin where people can donate magazines. If so, add your brochures.

*Print your website on matchbooks for promotion. 

* Home parties , flea markets, fall festivals.....all ways to promote your product and your home business opportunity.

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