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The Absolute Quickest Path to Success

The absolute quickest path to success. Did that make you want to read more? Wouldn't it be great if there was a shortcut to success or a TRICK that we could learn to use and BING! INSTANT SUCCESS!!

See, I don't know the quickest path to success actually.

But my 14 years in the industry has taught me some great shortcuts to failure.

Here's my observations on the absolute quickest path to failure:

Don't use your company's full line of products. And when you DO use one, always look for the worst in it and be critical.

Don't share with friends.They may think you're silly. And don't never give your products as gifts. EVER.

Don't order catalogs and hand them out. And if you do, don't even think of ordering more and doing this weekly. Just do it once.

Don't pick up the phone and call people. Why bother them right?

Don't post consistently on your social media channels. Put up 1 post here and there about your biz. and make it sound very generic. very serious. with no passion.

Don't work your biz daily. Take time to be with the kids. After all, THAT is more important right now.
15 minutes a week of work is more than enough.

Don't call in to company training. You know everything already and besides, there's a sink full of dishes that needs to be done. And on top of that, you're TIRED! Get some beauty sleep.

Don't go to company events and mingle with the leaders.Don't listen to the owners. and surely don't learn anything about self growth. What's that all about?

Don't think about calling your sponsor. A- you don't have time. and B- Surely they don't have time for you.

Don't be passionate. I mean, there are a lot of other lines better than yours right?

Don't get personal. People just LOVE to see blatant ads with no personal experience. Blast them with ads here and there. Or every day. If you're not too tired ( see "beauty sleep" above)

Don't make business cards. People just toss them out anyway right?

Don't answer the phone if it rings. How can you possibly talk and sound like a "real" work at home Mom with that 3 year old whining in the background?

Don't write your goals. I mean, that's IF you have any. And if you do, yeah, don't write them because you may lose the paper.And you DEFINITELY won't reach them. So just save the effort and don't make ANY GOALS. Easy peasy that way.( and take a nap - see 'beauty sleep above)

hhhmm, what else? I guess I could dredge up a few more. Whatever you do, don't make too much effort because after all, getting out of your comfort zone, is, quite frankly, uncomfortable.

Don't ever do that.

And last, don't keep going. Don't stay committed. Don't know with certainty that you can reach goals taking daily actions steps. Don't think of trying harder or doing more. Don't reach for the stars. Don't expect success.  Don't dream. and don't dream BIG if you are going to dream.

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