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Top 10 reasons why June is the best month to start your own home business!

As an advocate of the direct sales industry, I believe ANY time is a great time to make that decision to start your own home business.

But sometimes I feel that June may be the best month of all. 

See, the Fall months are typically the busiest for sales. Some even say the whole year EXCEPT summer is great for sales. But others know that we are heading into a beautiful season for growing a garden. What I mean is planting seeds.
Not everyone can join a home business and instantly have success. It takes time to tell people about it, to get to know the line, to be able to order enough products to share, to do some company training, get a feel for your team, listen to company phone calls, etc.

So joining NOW enables you to have the next 3 months to do all that AND start earning money. I mean, why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

To sum it up, here's my top 10 reasons (in no particular order) to start your direct sales business in JUNE:

1- Use your products all summer as end of the year teacher gifts, grad gifts, BBQ hostess gifts, etc. Shop at your own store at your company discount from the convenience of your home!

2-The amount of people you see in the summer is usually HUGE- between pool parties, family reunions, end of year school events and social gatherings, you have the opportunity to pass out catalogs and samples to hundreds of people.

3- It's great to be able to get on the current and older company training calls and webinars in some typically slower sales months. Learn all you can so when the PEAK retail season comes, after back-to-school time, you are ready and you are educated on your new business and company policies, products and info!

4- Many people are home for the summer- including college "kids" and teachers, and some are looking to start a part time business. You have a nice audience to market to if you want to start team building.

5- Most DS companies have their summer conference in August and introduce new catalogs and product lines then. You definitely want to be ion board when that happens! And if you can make it to conference, all the better for a fast start for you!

6- Joining now gives you time to try the line. Some companies, like mine, have extensive lines, so being able to replace products in your home with new company products will enable you to speak truthfully and passionately about products you have used.

7- Many fall festivals and vendor events are listed in the summer and if you plan on doing them, you need to book it in the summer, not wait until last minute when other established reps already have them spoken for.

8- Downtime- Many moms have more downtime in the summer to do things like label catalogs, create business binders, print labels and flyers, and build an entire office space so when the kids DO go back to school, mom can dive right in and spend time out there marketing, not on the little stuff.

9- If you do plan on doing events in the fall, you'll want to have a nice inventory. This gives you 3 months to build it up.

10- There's a saying-"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is now. The sooner you join, the sooner you will see success. Don't put things off. Often when we do, we say things like " I should've joined last year". Don't let that happen. Do it NOW!

and last, I should add, there's no reason you need to wait to start earning. You can join a DS company TODAY, and book a party next week and earn a few hundred dollars right off the bat! You can have an open house, a kit opening party, or book events for summer! You can start team building on your very first day. You can market online every single day even from a beach or on vacation.  It's all about how much or how little effort you put into it. If you can dream it, you can do it!

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