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Working at home, greener living, spiritual growth, and super recommended resources

I haven't blogged in too long but here I am. Revved up and feeling such ENERGY and LOVE and excitement for what I do.   I'm super excited to see my SuccessForMom Facebook page growing and to be able to connect with so many moms out there that I'd have never met if it wasn't for the internet (mwah Facebook!)

I'm glad you are here, reading, because I have some SUPER RESOURCES below to share with you if you are interested in working at home, non toxic skin care, herbal remedies, natural and organic living, self-growth and spirituality! whew- all that great great stuff that excites me every day! Does it excite you too?

I love social media. I've met amazing people online and I've been able to grow my businesses over the years online. Oh! and the things I have learned, super articles I've read by talented bloggers and of course Pinterest (LOVE those recipes!)

Today I wanted to shamelessly (but briefly) talk about a few things, including my company, because, well, simply, I love it.
And it's not MINE per se, but the company I am proud to be an independent consultant and the first Group Leader in my area with. I wanted to tell you what working at home has done for so many people including myself. 

I love the freedom home business allows for moms.

I love how we can invest as little or as much time as we want and reap the rewards accordingly.

In the past 15 years, I've helped women earn money. For the last 2, I've been with NYR and get to share this award winning global line and help women earn money doing the same.

But one of the most EMPOWERING things that comes from home business is the PERSONAL growth many people experience.

Whether it's the little bit of confidence one gets from being able to talk to strangers as they share their line, or the huge step into a leadership role including public speaking and leading large teams. 

Or maybe it's the spiritual side of it-the delving into the WHY'S and  the who am I's? Finding passions and chasing dreams. Becoming confident. Learning that the GROWTH happening is more than the end result. The growth happening to YOU comes first  and then the BUSINESS growth happens.

The person you were meant to be emerges and shapes your days better than you ever thought it could be.

But whatever it is, whatever you call it,  let me tell you, it's magic. Pure magic.

I've seen so many women in home business turn to training that starts as direct sales training but veers off to self-help guru's like Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer and Jim Rohn, to mention just a few.

And the really COOL part is, as you grow YOU, your business takes off. As you get in alignment, all wonderful things start to happen.

The FLOW of it all is exciting and beautiful.


What I've also found is that if you have a company you are passionate about, it's easy to wake up excited and grow that business! For some people, it's a great product line. 

For me, it's a product line PLUS a lifestyle. NYR Organic is more a lifestyle company. 

It's a group of like-minded people coming together to live as green and chemical free as we can. ANY SHADE of green. ANY amount of cutting chemical exposure.

Just as buying ANYTHING organic when you grocery shop cuts your toxin exposure, I believe that even making some small changes such as using safer skin care, soap, cosmetics and herbal remedies can make a huge difference over the course of years. And don't get me started on all the amazing benefits of essential oils! 

NYR's lifestyle and home business opportunity is unique and appeals to anyone wanting to live more consciously in all ways.

So to cut it short right here, let me add some links I recommend and you can check out whichever ones appeal to you. I'd love to connect online with you! 

MY AMAZON STORE "POSITIVE INSPIRATION" ( recommended self growth books, home biz books, spiritual items and more)

My friend Lori's site (life coach/spirituality/self-growth)


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