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About me

                                                                      Debra Ferrie
                                 Freelance lifestyle writer, work at home Mom, 
                           Group Leader with NYR Organic, Social Media trainer

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My name is Debra and I've been working at home for over 13 years now. Ok,  by now, I'm a certified unemployable person-can't work for anyone but ME. Too much freedom. Too much fun! 

I'm a Mom of 3 amazing kids and some of my hobbies include reading, photography ,walking,  yoga and going to beaches and great coastal towns. Total beach,water and summer lover.

I write on and I used to blog a lot on  TodaysMama. Love sharing health and wellness tips, work at home info and family travel/local reviews.

My main work , though , is as a  Group Leader with a terrific organic wellness company. I love what I do and I highly recommend their line and theirhome business opportunity for women.  Award winning skin care, cosmetics, essential oils, remedies, books ,organic herbal teas and more.  Let's connect on my FB page so I can share more with you. Maybe NYR can be a great fit for your lifestyle too! 

I hope you have learned some home biz tips,  have been inspired to learn some new ways to earn money, market your business using social media or to step into a new career path by following your heart.

The best things about working from home are the personal growth that happens and the like-minded people you will meet. Not to mention the freedom it can bring.  I've followed my passions and I hope you will too.



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