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 It's been said that network marketing is a powerful self improvement program with a bonus compensation plan attached. Or something to that effect. 

Anyone serious about being a leader will start surrounding themselves with leaders, will read and listen to motivational speakers and will spend time daily growing as a person and a leader. 

The law of attraction says like attracts like.

As you grow you will find more like- minded successful people are drawn to you and that you prefer conversation with them . 

The law of attraction is also based on your thinking; 

What you think you CAN do, you WILL do

Therefore it goes without saying that you will take the action steps to see your dream fulfilled. It's not just wishful thinking.

Some of my best most productive weeks, came after being inspired to take action , by reading and learning from leaders. Not everyone will be your style.That's OK. Find a few that resonate with you and your views, people that  speak to YOU, and then use the resources to learn.

Recommended reading:

Network Marketing for Dummies", yes, for REAL. The Book is very helpful and informative

The Success Principles-  Jack Canfield -A personal favorite  book

Beach Money by Jordan Adler- Awesome read about his life in MLM...through his failures straight to the top.

See you at the top Zig Zigler

Manifest your Destiny- Wayne Dyer

Rich Dad-The business school for people who like helping people

Think and Grow Rich- audiobook Napolean Hill-

Think and grow Rich - Napolean Hill -a classic I have read and re-read 

***************And now my all time FAVORITE and BEST AUDIO about network marketing and it's less than $5.00!! 

If you can't invest this small amount in yourself and your business, then you better hop off here and over to fill out an application at the local Wal-Mart. Ok, I"m kidding. 

But seriously, I LOVE this audio and listen to it over and over as I drive , even as I exercise at home. Chock full of nuggets and GEMS to help you grow as a leader and as a network marketer. 

Here it is- Jim Rohn Building your network marketing business

If you have a team, you NEED to send the above CD to each and every team member ! I consider it the #1 tool for network marketers and at this price, it simply cannot be beat!Your return on your investment is beyond worth it!

Recommended site building and online resources:

 If you're going to be  in home business, you need a personal website. I like Host Gator  a lot  for hosting and then a wordpress platform. You can use my coupon code " Getonlinetoday" to save $9.94 off your package.  Website hosting at Host Gator 

You can buy a domain name there or at at godaddy

Autoresponders are a serious MUST HAVE for anyone running a business online. Keep the info coming to your prospects,create your list,  send out newsletters and broadcasts  and more 
For my autoresponder, I use and really like  aweber

Recommended Websites for self improvement/personal growth.The FREE information and free newsletters are fabulous training on them are don't even need to purchase anything else.

Networking University Online e-courses
Karen Phelps  direct sales/party expert
teleclasses on personal and business development
For self-promotion items, take a  look at winnerinyou
Winnerinyou has GREAT stickers, promotional items and accessories.

Cards and postcards
The fortune is in the follow up!
Stay in touch with personal greeting card campaigns using SendOutCards. It's very cost effective, easy to use and can grow your referrals too. Try one free here then set up as easy $9.80 or $31 a month account for business and personal use.

*Recommended Movie

The Secret, worth every single second! It will inspire you, uplift you and open your eyes to what YOU CAN DO! I've seen it 4 times(so far). Buy it or rent it HERE

If you are interested in The Secret, and learning about manifesting and self growth and empowerment, you may like a cafe mom group called "Create Your Life" 

DISCLOSURE: Please note that some of the programs and items above, and on this site, are part of affiliate programs and I make a small fee, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase them. Please also be aware that I have experience with these programs or I personally have used or read the items I recommend. If you do not feel these programs or books would help you grow your own business, please do not purchase them. I simply like to share what I have used in the past or currently use.